Public on 2023-06-08
Modified on 2023-07-21
On Unix platforms, the Go runtime does not behave differently when a binary is run with the setuid/setgid bits. This can be dangerous in certain cases, such as when dumping memory state, or assuming the status of standard i/o file descriptors. If a setuid/setgid binary is executed with standard I/O file descriptors closed, opening any files can result in unexpected content being read or written with elevated privileges. Similarly, if a setuid/setgid program is terminated, either via panic or signal, it may leak the contents of its registers.
Important severity
CVSS v3 Base Score
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Affected Packages

Platform Package Release Date Advisory Status
Amazon Linux 2 - Docker Extra containerd 2023-08-17 ALAS2DOCKER-2023-029 Fixed
Amazon Linux 2 - Aws-nitro-enclaves-cli Extra containerd 2023-08-03 ALAS2NITRO-ENCLAVES-2023-026 Fixed
Amazon Linux 2023 containerd 2023-08-17 ALAS2023-2023-312 Fixed
Amazon Linux 1 golang 2023-09-27 ALAS-2023-1848 Fixed
Amazon Linux 2 - Core golang 2023-07-20 ALAS2-2023-2163 Fixed
Amazon Linux 2 - Golang1.19 Extra golang 2023-08-07 ALAS2GOLANG1.19-2023-001 Fixed
Amazon Linux 2023 golang 2023-07-19 ALAS2023-2023-269 Fixed

CVSS Scores

Score Type Score Vector
Amazon Linux CVSSv3 8.2 CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:L/A:N